Het spiegelplaatje van deze week, gekozen door :Vj-Piraten-Oma-Corry Konings-Druk Je Lijf Tegen Dat Van Mij! De volgende spiegelplaat wordt gekozen door :Dj-Stefke: !


    One team, One radio!

    Yes, we are born. We zijn on air!

    Webradio-Waasland is online sinds 28/04/2015 om 14hr00!

    Check out his video, Amazing job for a great Cause !!

    Our Fire Service have created a Christmas song in an attempt to steal the UK Christmas no 1 from X-factor

    And raise money for their firefighter charities.

    Our firefighters put their lives in danger day-in, day-out

    To get airplay on the radios and be in with a chance of beating X-factor (And their millions) to the Xmas No1, their video needs to go viral.

    Radio stations are ignoring us, the BBC won't take our calls and so far, none of the newspaper will write about us.

    We need your help!

    Please please, share and like this video and help this song go viral and get this year's Christmas No 1.

    Here's how we can make that happen.

    Buying the song is best. Either online or in HMV. Buy a single here:

    If money is tight, playing it on Spotify helps too 100 plays = 1 single bought.

    If you don't have Spotify, playing it on Youtube helps a little too.

    Most importantly, sharing and asking your family and friends will help us reach as many people as possible.

    Tweet your favourite celebs too.

    It's a great song, a great group of singers and a great cause!

    And a big big thanks to Unilad who were the first to support us!

    Posted under exclusive permission rights!

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